Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cody - The Journey

Cold, transparent butterflies swoop up and around my stomach as we gradually approach the airport. I look out the window. The sky was concrete grey and large clouds drift over top of smooth and rough terrain. Tapping lightly, the rain falls out of the sky splashing on any surface it can get on. I catch a glimpse of the airport through patches of trees then spot a small Cessna holding short of runway 02.
“That'll be me soon!” I whisper inside my head.

We pull up outside of NAC (Nelson Aviation College). I’m so nervous. A few seconds later I jump out of the car. Stretching, I spot a small Cessna 172 parked outside the hangar.
“I wonder if that’s mine?”
Slowly, we walk into the building then take a seat on the two blue couches.

“Great news! The rain clouds are about to pass over, so come on out,” says one of the instructors.
‘Hhhhhahhh…’ I let out a big sigh as we walk over to the plane…
Placing my foot on the gear support I pull myself up into the cockpit. Just in front of me, I grab my headset then position it comfortably over my ears.

‘Blgh, blgh, bllllghhhhh, bllllllgggggghh!’ stuttered the engine.
Seconds later the propellor roars up! Beneath me, the three wheels roll along the grass and onto the taxiway. “Wow, are we actually doing this?”

The scorching sun peers into my eyes as we align with the center line on the runway. Beginning to feel a lot more excited, I throttle forward, we begin to pick up speed… The nose wheel lifts up and the rear gear follows. Beneath me, the gap between us and the tarmac rapidly grows! Pretty quickly, we reach 5000 ft. Then I get told to bank to the left. I do so. We level out as I admire the beautiful view.

Casually looking over my shoulder, my instructor is tightly holding her chest and is short of breath! Suddenly, she falls forward and onto the control column unconscious! The nose sharply dips down! Gripping the yoke tensely, I pull her off the controls and into an upright position against the chair. I attempt to gain control of the aircraft. Managing to, I look behind me. Realising I'm 45° from the threshold, I begin to turn for the base leg.

Focused, I align with the runway. Next to me remains the unconscious instructor. My stomach feels hollow. I begin to pass over the threshold, so I put the throttle down to 0%.
“The moment of truth!...” I mumble.

Slowly, pulling back on the yoke, the rear wheels lightly brush the runway... Then touchdown! Gently, the nose wheel lowers. Smoothly it skims the tarmac. Pressuring both rudder pedals, the brakes engage. Finally, after what seemed a lifetime, we stop in the middle of the runway. I sigh of relief. Then suddenly, smoke begins to seep into the cabin!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Cody's Technology Speech!

Have you heard your parents ever say things like “back in my day we didn’t have cell phones!” “Back in my day our TV’s were black and white.” “Before computers, we had these things called ‘typewriters’ Well, technology has changed dramatically since then. We have stuff from Curved TVs and wireless keyboards to auto driving cars and watches you can call from!

Now, let's start with electrical technology. The television. Apparently, the first Electronic TV was first successfully demonstrated on September 7th, 1927. The 21-year-old inventor lived in a house with no electricity until he was 14 years old. Old televisions were usually black and white,  had only a couple of channels, and a little knob to flick through them, and they were usually as fat as they were wide.

But TV’s these days have curved screens, remotes to control them, and incredible resolution! What’s next? Maybe transparent screens, Controlling with just your hands? Watching TV in virtual reality? Who knows?

Now...  Watching movies. You gotta admit, we’ve all seen a movie before, On TV, computer or at a cinema. But back before that, your only option really was to go to a cinema. Unfortunately It was only really the wealthy that went to cinemas. In old old movies, when people walked around it looked really weird and it looked like they were going super fast. But nowadays, it looks

completely normal. It was caused by the lack of photos in between each frame so it looked like there were a bunch of frames missing that's why it looked weird if you looked at really old footage. But with TV’s we all know and love have heaps of frames so the program or movie, really flows and looks great! Cinemas back then and Cinemas now aren't very different. There has really been not much of a change.

Computers. Some of the first computers that were made were big and bulky with the screens about the size of a mediums sized touch screen phones these days. But computers screens are the size of the laptop itself! Sometimes the keyboards have backlighting for in the dark! And even screen dimming. I know that all sounds pretty normal… But many people that invented the first computers would probably not have even thought of that.

Photos. I would say most of us would have photo albums of baby photos and so on. But now you can do it all digitally. Once you’ve taken your photos you can just get the memory card, plug it into your computer then drag and drop your photos onto your computer then done. You can look at them anytime you want.

Unless your device is out of battery of coarse. But the hassle with photo albums was that once you take them, you have to get a memory stick or something then hook up your printer and print it. Then get your photo album and place slip all in. But now, we have cameras that print the photos moments after you take it! The technology side seems to be taking over.

Phones. Old phones were like a big block with some numbers on it and a small screen. I guess that’s no different to the ones we use but our ones are a lot more modern looking. Phones before those were completely different. The phones that every would recognize as a phone these days are super thin and for some reason with large screens. “I thought they were supposed to be easily portable.”

Anyway, most of us have been brought up with technology so it seems normal. But think about your parents and grandparents. Most of them wouldn’t have had things like cell phones, big flat screened television, and computers. We are very lucky in this generation so be grateful for what we have.           Thank you for listening to my speech about technology.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Inquiry - American Slavery!

Late in term 2 and in the first week of term 3 we (Kotoku & Kotare) learn about Injustice. We each had a topic to learn about and mine was American Slavery. I learnt about the stuff that the slaves had to do, how they were treated,  how they got to America from Africa. how long the American Slavery lasted and others. 

AS (American Slavery) has hugely affected racism due to the cruelty towards the dark skinned.

I put some of the information into a small informational video. I'm very proud of my video, but I was I little low on time. I was supposed to add a little bit on the end saying about how civil war caused AS (American Slavery) to end. And aslo how Racism is affected by AS.

Part 1:
Part 2:


A Place To Call Home

The deep monotone rumble of two jet engines roars into my ears. Thin white clouds hurtle past the skinny oval windows. Rugged mountains, coated in milk coloured snow rests shivering beneath me. Rows and rows of blue leathered seats lay in agony as people carelessly rest on them. Long heavy wings cling bolted on each side of the cabin. People, loud and tired intensely fill the cabin with chatter.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Freezing Hydro Slide!

It was day two at the Bridge Valley Adventure Centre when we were lining up by the blue hydro slide. We all (my class) had to wait for the hydro slide to get started and for there to be enough water to slide down smoothly... It’s all ready to go! The first person puts her black shiny mat down. 3... 2... 1... GO! Jolting forward, she’s racing down the slide swiftly! Almost everyone hears her screaming of excitement. In next to no time it's my turn! I’m nervous because everyone comes up from their turn saying it’s freezing! As I position my mat onto the starting slope, Second thoughts come to my mind. Both of my feet are on each side of my mat, then Claire says “Go! Go! Go!”

Forcing myself down, the icy rushing lake water grabs me and pulls me down the slide. WAHOOO! My energy spikes up and I begin to pick up speed. My body drifts up the side as I race around a sharp corner. Suddenly there's a turn going the completely opposite way! SMACKING into it, I near the end, then all of a sudden, I spot the murky chilly lake water right in front of me!

SPLASH! I slam right into the freezing water. I’m under the surface.
Can’t breathe.
No breath.
My legs, weak and cold, push me up to the surface of the water. GULP! Air fills up in my lungs! Looking around me I see the pathway. My arms, shivering and powerless, pull me along the face of the water towards the exit. Gripping each foot on the bank, my stubby legs drive me out of the water. More and more children slide down screaming and laughing their heads off! I rush up the path for another turn!

By Cody,
Mahana School

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hunger Around The World!

Hunger is a huge problem all around the world.
Currently around 12% of the world Is hungry at this moment.
Also 1 in 6 people in America face hunger, and 1 in 5 children are at risk of hunger.
Roughly 50% of America's food is wasted every year.

LEFT: This photo shows a hungry child holding a sign saying "Hungry, Please Help"

BOTTOM: Shows the percentage of Hungry people in certain countries.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Websites I Used For Information: https://www.dosomething.orghttps://thinkprogress.org

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Zoom Out

Photo Credit: DeeKnow Flickr via Compfight cc

This activity needs your help. 

You are invited to build on to the story by adding a comment. This means you need to zoom out of the image below with your who is holding the ice cream? What else might be in the picture if you zoomed out a bit? What might happen next?

Be sure to read others' comments first, and continue the story, by zooming out even further. We could build an amazing story. Give it a go!

So, here is the start of the story...

I sit in the terminal and watch my plane park up...
Carry on the story.